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Old-fashioned Picnic at the Chauvin Museum Celebrates Summer

August 18, 2019

The tents were up, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee was on the air. The sun was just starting to peek out after being hidden for the morning behind wet looking clouds. All we needed were people.


Then, right on cue at half-past noon last Sunday August 18, the families of Chauvin walked through the gates, pulling wagon-loads of children and delicious foods to join in at the First Annual Old-fashioned Picnic at the Chauvin Museum.

As soon as the picnic blankets were spread, and the lawn chairs set up in little family circles, approximately fifty people - some coming as far away as Beaumont - enjoyed the music, sunshine, good company, and each other's favorite summer picnic dishes.

Food Service 2.png
Food Service.png

After the second visit to the desserts table, the children were spirited away to the old school house for games and crafts.


Pin the Tail On the Donkey was a favorite, but then so were the races, especially the Egg Spoon race. Amazingly, thanks to Christine Smith, every young one was a winner.

Pin The Tail.png
Fortune Tellers.png

Remember making Fortune Tellers? How about folded hats and jumping frogs?

Nancy Goede showed the kids a few basic folds, and they did the rest.


Suddenly, the museum filled with people.

They were searching every corner for answers to tantalizing clues in a photo scavenger hunt developed by Allan Skinner.

In the game, groups of people took selfies with the object they thought were the answers. In the end, three groups were the big winners.


Inside the front entrance of the museum, Doug White had set up three History Mysteries from the past for people to guess. The rotary dial phone was the easiest, the bob skates were a little harder, but the hardest was the tail gear from the 1944 crash site of a World War II airplane, just north of Dillberry Lake.

Entry box.png
Dial Phone.png

Outside, a tug-of-war battle raged, girls on one side, boys on the other.

The girls took the day, 2-0.


A tour of the museum became the trading of early memories of Chauvin and other small communities of our visitors.

Playing The Organ.png

The rich sound of the Presbyterian Church organ once again filled the museum.

Neil and Truck.png

Neil Schopfer dropped by to show his customized vintage half-ton.

White Family Tractor.png

The White Family tractor restoration stood by the front entrance.

Mom and Baby.png

Then - too soon for some - the Picnic came to a close, with many comments as people left the grounds, hoping the Chauvin Museum will do it all again soon.

Notice that we did call it the First Annual Picnic At the Museum?

Special Thanks to all our good-spirited Volunteers, Helpers, and Donors!



Tammy Channon - coffee and cold drinks service
Nancy Goede - kids' crafts
Val Gramlich - Community Resources Coordination, poster/flyer distribution
Christine Smith - kids' games
Darryl Goede - tours, music
Mel Haldenby - tours
Allan Skinner - Scavenger Hunt organizer

Doug White - tent, History Mysteries organizer, tractor and truck display, Tug-of-War organizer
Setup and Teardown Crew - all of the above, plus John and Lorette Gunnell, Dixie Horness, Gene and Bev Perry, and Jody Smith.
Martina Skinner - promotion and publicity


Donations, Assistance and Loans
Harold and Lea Perkins - Seniors' tent
Village of Chauvin - amazing mowing job, port-a-potty, extension cords, barricades
Encompass - coffee and urn

Staples - Printing assistance


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