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The Village of Chauvin is a thriving community populated with rich agricultural farmland and a robust oilfield industry. Explore the history of the community through a walking tour of several historical landmarks and plan a tour of the Museum housed in the former schoolhouse. (Pick up the brochure at the village office on mainstreet).


Drop in for the sports or large events taking place at the Repsol Community Centre which has a modernized hockey arena, three sheet curling ice and Community Hall.

Chauvin offers residents and visitors a full range of products and services plus some unique businesses too.  Stay at Chauvin’s fully serviced Kings Park Campground or nearby enjoy the outdoors at Dillberry Lake Provincial Park. Have your photo taken with Chauvin's roadside attraction, the World's
Largest Softball.



New Garbage Contract with GFL

The current waste removal contract for the Village of Chauvin expires December 31, 2022. Our contract process includes the ICE Villages (Irma, Chauvin & Edgerton), the Town of Wainwright and the MD of Wainwright. We requested proposals and, following a review, GFL Environmental Inc. was selected as the contractor beginning in January 2023.


  • Recycling is the same format – Bring your blue bags to the curb by 7:00am

  • Recycling schedule change – pick-up for Recycling on Thursday Mornings Starting January 5, 2023

  • Garbage procedures have changed. We will be moving to a cart system.

  • All carts will be provided to residential properties and will be delivered in December. They will be dropped off at your property in the approximate location GFL would like you to bring them to for garbage pick-up.

  • Garbage schedule change –Residential pick-up for Garbage Carts will take on Fridays, starting January 6th, 2023.

  • Ratepayers are responsible for their assigned carts if the cart is faulty or in need of repair at no fault of the ratepayer it will be fixed or replaced by GFL. If the cart is damaged by the ratepayer, it will be the responsibility of the ratepayer to pay for a new cart.

  • There will be a collection assistance program for elderly or disabled residents unable to move their cart.

Utility Rates for 2023

Albertans have recently witnessed dramatic increases in natural gas and electricity prices as well as an increase in everyday items such as grocery shopping.  Chauvin Council upon reviewing the utility rates for 2023, determined that to continue to provide the high level of service, the monthly cost for water, sewer, gas, garbage and recycle would need to be adjusted. 

While council understands that funds are tight in everyone’s household, it is still important that the level of service provided to residents remain a priority. 

Beginning January 1, 2023, the new rates will be as follows:

Water $28.00 --- Sewer $26.00 --- Garbage $31.00 ---

Recycle $6.50 --- Gas $27.00

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