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Village of Chauvin

Address​​​​​​: Box 160

Chauvin, Alberta T0B 0V0

Telephone: 1-780-858-3881

Fax: 1-780-858-2125

Chauvin is a thriving community populated with rich agricultural farmland and a robust oilfield industry. Explore the history of the community through a walking tour of several historical landmarks and plan a tour of the Museum housed in the former schoolhouse. (Pick up the brochure at the village office on mainstreet).


Drop in for the sports or large events taking place at the Repsol Community Centre which has a modernized hockey arena, three sheet curling ice and Community Hall.

Chauvin offers residents and visitors a full range of products and services plus some unique businesses too.  Stay at Chauvin’s fully serviced Kings Park Campground or nearby enjoy the outdoors at Dillberry Lake Prov. Park. Have your photo taken with Chauvin's roadside attraction, the World's Largest Softball.


Please note that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Chauvin Village Office and Public Works is



Please feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding your property or utilities. We can accept payments electronically through online banking and e-transfer. Public Works Staff will be operating at a reduced capacity and will be limited to essential services.

Please call HealthLink by dialing 811 or
for guidance around prevention, testing,
and other useful information regarding COVID-19.

Employment Opportunity

The Village is looking for a bright and capable summer student to help with general maintenance of the village properties under the direct supervision of the Village Foreman.  The position will start in July and the deadline to submit your resume will be April 30th.  All interested students are welcome to submit their resumes in person to the Village office or by emailing it to

Property Freeze-Ups

Due to the warmer weather, the frost is being pushed deeper into the ground. As a result homes and businesses may experience water lines freezing up. If you are concerned that this could happen at your property, please leave a tap in your home or business running.
If you have any questions in regards to this,
please contact the Village Office at 780-858-3881.

COVID-19 Information

The Alberta Emergency Management Agency is supporting Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services as they manage the impacts of COVID-19. All Albertans are encouraged to visit or dial 811 for guidance around prevention, testing and other useful information. Please utilize the site as opposed to printing, so information is always current..

Suites for Rent


The Wild Rose Manor currently has suites available for rent.  Suites can be rented by both seniors and non-seniors.

If you would like more information please contact
Angela 780-677-1776

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