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Welcome to CEDDI - the Chauvin Economic Development Digital Initiative.

CEDDI is a new economic development organization created by the Village of Chauvin Council. Originally established as the Mayor's Committee in October 2022, CEDDI is now a non-profit organization owned by the Village of Chauvin.

















Our solution lies in expanding our economic base. Our primary focus is to help international technology-based companies develop Canadian branch operations located in Chauvin. When momentum in the tech sector develops, it will stimulate other businesses in the service, hospitality, retail, tourism and recreation sectors, driving the overall economic development of our community.

CEDDI has launched a comprehensive plan to support employers in specific sectors of the vast global information and communication industry right here in our community. When these types of companies operate in Chauvin, they are not limited by the lack of local customers and highly-skilled knowledge workers.

Currently, our team consists of facilitator Darryl Goede and Councilor Allan Skinner, who are serving as interim directors. During our first general meeting on June 27, 2023, we will appoint a board of directors and executive members to increase further guidance and leadership from the community itself. We have met with some success so far, attracting our first international company to set up operations in Chauvin. Our new website will launch June 15, with our first social media campaigns going out at the same time.

CEDDI is dedicated to driving economic growth and securing a prosperous future for Chauvin. By embracing the digital realm and leveraging global opportunities, we aim to enhance our community's economic prosperity. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

visit: CEDDI.CA!

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