What Chauvin has to offer...


Chauvin has a number of ball diamonds, a soccer pitch, a beach volleyball court located at the sports grounds. The upgrades to the sports grounds are ongoing with a new dog park and skate park area. There are also various playgrounds throughout the Village for everyone to enjoy.  Summer is a great time to go camping with your family and friends. There are many lakes and parks nearby such as Dillberry Lake Provincial Park, Salt Lake, Arm Lake, or Manitou Lake, each hosting a variety of entertainment.  Nearby Edgerton golf course offers a natural and relaxing atmosphere with a 9 hole grass greens course.

Community Centre

For all recreation needs, the Repsol Community Centre hosts a newly renovated arena which operates with artificial ice, a curling rink with artificial ice and a very modernized community hall, all of which are located on Main Street.  People of all ages enjoy this wonderful facility.

Chauvin Volunteer Fire Department

The Village of Chauvin Volunteer Fire Department is a vital part of our community. They not only assist in fires but they also attend motor vehicle accidents and also are first responders for medical emergencies. Our Volunteer Fire Department is extremely dedicated to their calling, at times having to leave their full time jobs to attend a motor vehicle accident or medical emergency.


Wild Rose Manor

Chauvin offers senior citizens self contained suites which provide the opportunity for them to keep their independence by still being able to live on their own and the suites are subsidized through the government making them more affordable.  All lawn care, snow removal and building maintenance is provided, making it even more convenient.

Seniors Drop In Centre

The Seniors Drop-In Centre is located on 2nd Avenue, near Main Street.  The Drop In Centre offers seniors the opportunity to have a place to gather for numerous events.  They have coffee sessions every Friday and Saturday mornings and use the facility for a host of community events.

Dr. Folkins Community School

Dr. Folkins Community School 780-858-3744, provides education to all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  The school has been recently modernized for the students needs. The community Library is located in Dr. Folkins Community School.  It is open during school hours as well as every Thursday evening from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.  The library also allows public access to high speed internet.