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Are you considering opening a new business in Chauvin? Would a tax incentive sweeten the deal? Read through this page and if you feel you qualify for the incentive, please reach out! We would be happy to get the application process started with you!

This incentive is applicable to new construction or leasing an existing commercial building within the village limits of Chauvin, with the intended purpose of opening a business. Subject to the Village of Chauvin Council’s discretion and authority, commercial developments may receive an exemption from the municipal portion of taxes for a period of up to ten years. Please note this is only for the municipal portion of the taxes, other taxes, including but not limited to school and senior’s taxes are not included in the incentive. 


To apply for an exemption, an application must meet all the following criteria:

  • The Applicant must have an ownership interest in the property to be constructed if purchasing or building a new commercial business.

  • If leasing an existing commercial building, the owner of the building must apply for the New Business Tax Incentive Program and if approved, it is assumed that the tax savings will be passed onto the renter in some form.

  • The subject non-residential property must be located within the geographical boundary of the Village of Chauvin

  • The Applicant must have no outstanding monies owing to the Village of Chauvin taxes and/or utilities.

  • The Application must include a business plan and proposed opening date of the new business.

  • All required municipal, provincial, and/or federal permits must be in place.

  • Full compliance with the Land Use Bylaw, including but not limited to, any statutory plan, subdivision plan, approval and conditions, Development agreement, Safety Code Act, Alberta Building Code, Alberta Fire Code and permits. Failure to submit required documents evidencing compliance by the Applicant shall result in the forfeit of all rights to the Incentive.


Conditions of Exemption:

  • The New Business Tax Incentives Program is for businesses that are newly established in the Village of Chauvin. Each request will be considered on an individual basis by the Village of Chauvin Council.

  • All other taxes are not considered or included in this program and will be charged accordingly.

  • Businesses that are presently in Chauvin will not be considered, regardless of whether they change ownership, names, or location.

  • The New Business Tax Incentive Program does not apply to Home Based Businesses.

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