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Payment for Village Services can be made in person at the Village Office during regular
business hours; internet banking or financial institutions.

Residential Natural Gas - $27.00 per month
Service charge plus gas consumption at current gas rate.

Residential Garbage - $31.00 per month
Collection day is Thursday. Limit for residential collection is 4 bags weighing 30 lbs/13.6 kg or less.
Any garbage for pickup must be in regular garbage bags and if possible be in lidded garbage cans. Non bagged garbage will not be picked up. Residents are asked to have garbage ready for pickup by 8:00 am. New residents can confirm pickup location from the Village Office. Residents are asked to contact the Village Office 780-858-3881 if there are any issues with pickup.

Residential Water –  $28.00 per month
Includes a base amount of 20 m3 non cumulative, $1.20 per cubic meter over base amount.

The Village follows a watering schedule to ensure our water supply will be readily available in case of an emergency. Lawn/Garden watering is as follows: odd numbered houses can water on the odd calendar days and even numbered houses can be watered on even numbered days.  

Watering Times: 6:00am - 10:00am
                        5:00pm - 10:00pm

Infrastructure Fee:

$5.00 per month Water; $5.00 per month Sewer, $5.00 per month Gas

Sewer - $26.00 per month

Recycling - $6.50 per month
Pick up is every Tuesday and residents are required to have all recycling in Blue Bags and placed at front of their property by 7am.  Check the Landfill page for additional recycling information.

The Village Office offers the option of having your utility bills emailed to you.  Please contact our office to have this set up.


Outside Utility Companies


Visit to compare electricity and gas prices in the area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.


You can also visit to review and compare electricity and natural gas retailers.



Natural Gas, Water, Sewer and Garbage - Village of Chauvin 780-858-3881

Village Foreman - 780-842-0076


  • Epcor 310-4300

  • Enmax 310-2010

Power Trouble - 1-800-332-1002

Alberta One Call - call before you dig, plant trees or build a deck in your yard 1-800-242-3447

Electricity - Fortis Alberta 310-WIRE(9473);




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