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2021 Municipal Election

Unofficial results from the October 18, 2021 Municipal Election are:

CHAPMAN, Bob = 66 votes

DONALLY, Sheila = 85 votes ELECTED

DOW, Alan = 74 votes ELECTED

GOODALL, Jack (Incumbent) = 51 votes


SKINNER, Allan (Incumbent) = 68 votes ELECTED

SMITH, Christine (Incumbent) = 47 votes

SNOW, Frank = 127 votes ELECTED

Running for Council

Information on running for council in 2021.

Need to Know

What every councilor needs to know.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a councilor.

Bylaw 2018-01

Procedures & Code of Conduct of Council.

Vision 2021

Vision statement for the Village of Chauvin.

Meeting Schedules

Learn what the meeting schedules are like.

List of Committees

Find out what boards Chauvin Council sits on.

Organizational Chart

Find what the chain of command looks like.

 Village of

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